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Virat Kohli Slams All Anushka Haters With This Powerful Message


Ever since Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli split up, people have been blaming Anushka for all the negatives and failures of Virat's like his bad match performances. People have been making a ton of jokes at her expense. Virat has finally come in defense of Anushka. The cricketer just took to his Instagram to post a photo that has ‘SHAME’ written across it, and in the caption wrote a message slamming everyone for connecting “every negative thing to her.”

Here’s what he said:

"Shame on those people who have been having a go at Anushka for the longest time and connecting every negative thing to her. Shame on those people calling themselves educated. Shame on blaming and making fun of her when she has no control over what I do with my sport. If anything she has only motivated and given me more positivity. This was long time coming. Shame on these people that hide and take a dig."

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