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3 Things That Can Prove Rahul Raj Guilty Of Pratyusha Banerjee's Murder


Rahul Raj, Pratysha's Boyfriend has been lately granted bail in the Pratyusha Banerjee suicide case. But according to the police, Rahul is suspected to have played a major role in her death. And are planning to apply serious charge of murder against him. According to DNA , as per Police 3 things that lead to them thinking of a foul play in her death are :

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#1 Pratyusha's Dupatta
In normal scenario,the dupatta used in suicide is generally cut to release the body from it and this way one part would remain attached to the fan. But in this case the dupatta with which the actress committed suicide by hanging herself to the ceiling fan was found to be lying on the bed.

#2 Rahul a drug addict
The police alleges that Rahul Raj might be a drug addict and there are witness statements that confirm him allegedly purchasing drugs.  It needs to be confirmed if he is only a consumer or a drug peddler.

#3 Rahul used to harass Pratyusha
As per the prosecution Rahul was living in together he used to regularly harass her and demand money and he even used to withdraw money from her bank account. Pratyusha took the extreme step after being regularly physically assaulted by him.

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