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Here’s Why You Need To Explore Mr Voonik- Men Fashion Shopping App!


Imagine not having to spend an entire weekend shopping at the mall and yet having an instant indulgence in form of great deals or large variety with a single touch of a button on your mobile phone, exciting isn’t it? But as the technology keeps getting better, I love exploring new apps that make life easygoing. For men in India, there maybe a handful of good options online, there is one app that they have got to bookmark finally. One of the most popular apps, Voonik- a personalization focused fashion marketplace for women has now forayed into fashion for men with the launch of Mr Voonik! Here’s what I think about this all new market place only catered for men...

 Mr Voonik comes with highly unconventional style recommendation engine that basically means that it offers a very significant product selection to each consumer. This fashion app for men has stylists on board that can help you pick clothes based on your body type, choice of clothing, style inclination and more. The idea of this app is to address men with the problems that surface while they shop online. This includes- finding right fit, shortage of time and value for money. 

What I personally love about this app is that it helps make men understand why fashion and getting dressed is so important. The app blends the need of a fashion conscious man with merchandize form varied brands that will eventually lead him to browsing and wanting more. Whether you are fashion-forward or someone who shops purely out of need, you can now shop your favorite clothing styles— while keeping up with the latest trends— all in this single app.

You need to know how Mr Voonik solves the 3 biggest problems facing men while they shop.
  1. The right kind of fit can make or break an outfit and Mr Voonik showcases collection that are targeted on the basis of a consumer’s body type, skin tone, style preference. It’s as good as having a personalized stylist while you shop in a mall.
  2. You won’t end up wasting any time looking for the right kind of products as the app will read your browsing pattern and will show you the most appropriate products/collections as per your taste. 
  3. Value for money is another focus area as this marketplace directly connects the customer to the manufacturer, thus ensuring abundance of choice at every price range.

You’ll be surprised to learn that Mr Voonik caters to a college going student as well as a corporate professional. This tailor made fashion app is sure to change the way how men shop in our country. Next time you shop online, give this app a browse here and I am sure you will thank me later ☺ 

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