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"I Want To Leave Rahul" - Pratyusha In Her 3 AM Call To A Friend!


Pratyusha Banerjee's Bigg Boss housemate and friend Kamya Punjabi shared publicly as to how much she disliked her boyfried, Rahul Raj Singh. In a recent interview she listed some flaws that could have led to Pratyusha's suicide. Here Kamya said, "I don't know why but I never got the right vibes from him. Imagine he was staying at Pratyusha's house. Arre mard ke bachche ko lao jo tumhe apne ghar le jaye. Why should a man come and dump himself at a woman's house?

She added that he didn't even come to the crematorium and had slipped away right after leaving Pratusha's body at the Kokilaben Hospital. She also questioned Rahul's claims and highlighted, "Rahul says he was partying with Pratyusha on the previous night...And the same night, Pratyusha called up our common friend Leena Dias to say that she wanted to come out of her relationship with Rahul! Do you think Pratyusha was a psycho (pauses)?"

According to her their common friend Leena Dias is currently feeling super guilty and while she isn't putting any allegations on Rahul, she surely knows who is to be blamed for the 24 year old, Pratyusha Bannerjee's death. 

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