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"Rahul Cheated On Me With Pratyusha", Says Ex Flame Saloni!


Pratyusha's case is getting uglier day by day. First it was considered that Rahul's ex-girlfriend Saloni was the other women in in Rahul's life, but now it looks like the things have changed. Recently, in an interview With SpotboyE, when Saloni was asked about the fact that she would often go to Rahul and Pratyusha's building and bang on their door at 3am, She said, "Definitely not. I went to Rahul's house only once to claim some money which he owed me after we dissolved our company. We were business partners in an event management company. Pratyusha came out and it got ugly. Rahul and she attacked me. I hit back in defence." 

Saloni even said that she and Rahul were in a steady relationship until Pratyusha lured him away. She added, "We parted ways when I learnt that he was hosting a party for Pratyusha on her birthday. People had told me that they had spotted them together. I had confronted him but he brushed it off."

When asked about how was Pratyusha as a girl, she said," She was a very smart girl. She manipulated him out from my life. She had known about us and told me to my face to leave him. This happened when I had gone to claim my money. So you can imagine what kind of a woman she was."

She also said that first she wants to talk with police then media. We are still confused! 

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