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SCOOP: Rahul Raj Singh Knew About Pratyusha's Pregnancy!


Pratyusha Banerjee's case is getting uglier day by day. Now, Rahul Raj Singh in an interview to TOI said that he already knew that Pratyusha was pregnant. We bring to you some excerpts from an Interview:

What do you have to say to the reports that she underwent an abortion a few days before the incident and also the bank transactions being made during March?
" After she told me that she missed her periods, we went to the doctor for the pregnancy test. However, we mutually decided to abort it since we were not married and only living in together. I went with her to the doctor for the abortion, but since there was a long waiting, she told me to leave. I, in fact, went the following day to the same doctor to get medicines prescribed for her. We decided to terminate the pregnancy thinking about future as we planning to get married in November."

Was Pratyusha suicidal?
" I never felt so".

Did you want to end the relationship? 
" Never. People fight in every relationship but we have never had any major argument. We would fight like any other normal couple. No one can claim that they don't fight like any other normal couple. "

Was she aware of your marriage( to Sougata Mukherjee in 2011) when the two of you started going out initially?
" Of Course, she knew about it. My engagement was covered in newspapers. It was in full media glare".

Did  you have a joint account with Pratyusha and did you take charge of her credit and debit cards?
" Everything has been presented to the court and the truth will be revealed in due course. She didn't have a joint account with me. All the accounts were with her mother. In fact, I was the first one to open her solo account because she never had thing of her own."

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