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"Saif And Shahid Are Getting Along Too Well" Says Kareena Kapoor!


Saif Ali Khan and Shahid Kapoor are shooting together for their upcoming movie Rangoon. A lot has been said about them sharing cold vibes on the sets because of Kareena. In an interview with DNA when Kareena was asked bout the same, she said- "Really? In fact, I think they are getting along too well! I haven’t gone to the sets because I haven’t had the time. I have been travelling and they have been having very hectic schedules at night. Saif comes and tells me what fun they have been having on the sets. He quite enjoys chatting with Shahid and finds him a really nice guy. I don’t know why they shouldn’t be getting along."

She also added,"Saif is such a chilled out person, and he and Shahid have been part of the industry for so many years. And I don’t understand why everyone is talking about them, on the sets of Rangoon as if it is their first interaction? Saif and Shahid met way before and used to go the same gym. So this cold vibes story is far from the truth! Saif is the last person to give anybody cold vibes. In fact, if anybody does that he will go and ask him, ‘Hey man, are you giving me cold vibes? Why? Let’s just relax and chat.’ (laughs) Saif gets along with everybody.” 

Looks like all iz well in their equation with Sasha. (Or so we hope!)

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