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Shahrukh Khan And Priyanka Chopra Talk About Pratyusha Banerjee's Suicide!


Pratyusha Banerjee's suicide was a shocking news for all in the entertainment industry as well as in the country. Many Bollywood celebrities have been expressing their thoughts on her suicide that also includes King Khan and Priyanka. SRK made a very valid point and said the following...

Shahrukh said," If you are not getting the desired success, don’t be disappointed. Everyone gets bad and good days, so don’t think about the bad days. If you know the work then either today or tomorrow you will get one. When you started your journey somebody had seen something in you which made you successful. Now that you are an established star why will you not get work? You should not get worried about not getting work. If you have talent then you will get work but if you don’t have talent then accept that fact and be satisfied with what you get."

Priyanka Chopra too shared, "Nobody knows the truth. Nobody ever tried to find out what the poor 24-year-old girl was going through… And as usual, people are dissecting her life. People are unnecessarily talking about her, not giving her and family the respect they deserve right now.”

What are your thoughts?

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