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You Will Not Believe How Many Movies Did Gautam Gulati Reject For Azhar!


Gautam Gulati became the most successful TV celeb after he won Bigg Boss. Now he will be seen next in Azhar portraying the role of Ravi Shastri. Recently in an interview he said that he refused a whooping 30 films for Azhar. "I must have said no to more than thirty films only because, later on, they wouldn’t have got a proper release, and then my core fan base wouldn’t have got an opportunity to see them. Since I’ve been working really hard for a long time, I had decided not to make a rash decision and do a wrong film, which may not have even reached my fans. If I had done that, those very fans could have turned around later and said, ‘Perhaps, he should have waited to sign a better film." 

Well, we wish you all the luck! 

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