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13 Ways To Rock The Pom Pom Trend


Last winter, furry pom poms made their way into the fashion limelight all thanks to Fendi for starting that trend. This summer it’s the turn of the woolly variety which will be dangling from dress hems, clinging to bags and scattered on sandals - a sure fire way to put a spring in your step. Here we show you 13 ways to rock the Pom Pom trend.


Try to incorporate the pom poms into your outfit and look super trendy.

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Pom pom jewellery looks super cute and no one can go wrong on this one!

Handbags/Sling bags 
Carry the perfect accessory in form of a cute Pom Pom tote or a handbag. You are sure to make a few heads turn.

if you want to try something different but not as risky as pom pom outfits , you can go for beautiful colorful pom pom sandles. They look very chic and stylish!

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  1. In love with that trend!