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5 Ways You're Ruining Your Clothes Without Even Knowing


We know how much you love wearing your clothes that you handpick at each shopping session. But when it come to maintaining them we don't pay half as attention as we should. From washing clothes to dry cleaning them, we offer the do's and dont's of keeping and maintaining clothes

#1 You're not separating lights from darks
You must read that extra tag that always comes with your dark clothes especially denims that refers to denim dye. Basically what it says is that to get the super dark color you love, they have to add a lot of dye to your jeans. That means when you get them wet, some color might transfer to your other clothes during the washing process. Same goes for other darks and super bright colors. To keep your whites from becoming off-whites, or worse a totally different color, wash your darks only with other darks.


#2 You wash your clothes every time you wear them
Too much of washing and drying can all take a toll on your clothes, which can be visible in the form of fade lines or shrinkage. To keep your clothes looking better for longer try washing your clothes less often. Things like jeans and tops should be worn for a few days without washing, whereas undergarments should be washed everyday. 

#3 You always wash your clothes in Hot temp.
A lot of people don't realize shrinkage can happen any time your clothes are exposed to high temperatures. So if you're washing your clothes on hot, you might notice your clothes becoming slightly tighter. Always read the label and follow the temperature recommendations. Preserve your perfect fit by washing anything you're worried about shrinking on the cold setting, just to be safe. 

#4 You leave your formal dress in the bag after your dry clean it
The chemicals used by your dry cleaner can be harmful to your clothes as it can break down the delicate fabrics of some clothing like vintage thereby causing your clothes to fall apart over time.  . It's fine to dry clean garments that read "dry clean only" , but leaving your precious  dress or lehenga to stew in a bag of chemicals isn't good for it. Remove the plastic dry cleaning bag as soon as you can and let your dress breathe for a few days after you get it back from the cleaners before storing it in a garment bag. 

#5 You wash and dry your bras unprotected
Have you ever opened your dryer to find your bras entangled with your other clothes in a knot. This can happen due to the spinning of dryer.  While your clothes are tumbling with fury, bra hooks can snag on lace, mesh, artfully distressed jeans, thin cotton – basically everything you love. Keep your other clothes safe, and your bra hooks from bending by washing them separately.


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