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All Eyes On Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's Purple Lips At Cannes 2016 Final Showdown



In my earlier blogposts I shared that Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has been not just playing safe with Elie Saab and Ali Younes but she has also been looking her classic best at Cannes 2016. It was only yesterday when the beauty queen stunned the world in an off-shoulder embroidered gown from Rami Kadi's capsule collection called 'May Blossom' and was spotted wearing a big spring lip trend…THE PURPLE LIPS. While the dress and hairdo are bang on what seriously seemed a putt off is the colour of her lips.  

In broad daylight, with many cameras on Ash, all we could not deal with her mismatched makeup of her eyes and the lips. It all off sync and the dark brown eyes are putting all focus on the lavender lips in the most unflattering way possible. 

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However in the dimmer lights the lip colour is subtly matching the hues of her fitted gown. 

Fashing at the rate of thousands per second, all one can focus on is the mismatched makeup of her eyes and the lips. They should have been in sync. Dark brown eyelids are highlighting the lavender lips in an absolutely unflattering way.

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All set and done, L'Oreal you could have done waayyyyyyyyy better than this :(

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