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BEAUTY 101: 4 Alcoholic Beverages For Face And Skin Care


Alcohol just doesn't help you after a stressful day at work! Did you know that our favorite drinks can not only help us in having fun but can benefit our skin and hair shine out. Alcohol is  actually a huge aid to skin and hair care. Today, we tell you how you can use your poison as a way to have a healthier skin and hair.

We all know Beer is an anticancer beverage but did you know that it works great as a hair conditioner as well. Switch from your regular conditioner and rinse with beer and you'll end up having glossier and softer hair. An additional plus is that it even promotes hair growth. 

Even though we can never get enough of our lovely vodka cocktails, you'll be happy to know that it can reduce lines and wrinkles. Vodka also gives us a clear complexion. The correct way to use it is to dip a cotton ball in vodka with a mix of water and dab it on your face. 

Who knew Tequila worked as a hair serum? Well it helps one grow hair and strengthen your mane. Tequila also reduces hair fall and loss.

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Whiskey is great for getting a natural glow on your face. It clears our skin pores and is best when used in a facepack. It is known for its anti aging properties. DIY A face pack with lemon, honey and whisky and feel the difference.

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