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BEAUTY 101: Here's How To Get Hair, Skin & Body Like Sonam Kapoor From Cannes!


Sonam Kapoor is the ultimate fashionista of Bollywood and she has already proved it in Cannes 2016 with her red carpet looks. We bring to you the secret of her gorgeous looks. For her beauty is skin deep. These are the things with the help of which she got the perfect glow at Cannes. Her nutritionist Radhika Kalre spilled the beans and said," Sonam loves good, wholesome, healthy, organic food. And as the French call it, ‘bonne nourriture. Well, Sonam indulges in generous helpings of hummus, avocados, and grilled vegetables stuffed in a pita. She’s been eating on the go at Cannes but everything has been fresh."

Also, "Sonam hydrates her body. Karle gives a lowdown on her fluid intake,  1. 4L water per day…hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!! 2. 3 coconut waters per day 3. 5 servings vegetables – grilled, steamed, sautéed, stir fry, tandoori 4. No fried, no sweets, no packaged foods.

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We now know the secret Sonam! 

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