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Bipasha Basu Finally Opens Up On Karan Singh Grover's Failed Marriages


Bipasha Basu, who recently tied the knot with her Karan Singh Grover has opened up in an Interview to TOI about his previous marriages and on being his third wife. 

The 37 year old actress opened up about loving this new phase of her life and seems to be. She appears to be head over heels in love with her 34-year-old hubby. On being asked if Karan being married twice before ever bothered her.  Here's what she said:
" It didn't bother me and we spoke about it. I believe that everyone has a journey, and it is very easy for anyone to exclaim, "Oh...this is his third marriage, nahin chalega... divorce ho jaayega." I tell people that you have to be in someone's shoes to know their story and understand their journey. This world is full of cynics, and thankfully, I have never been cynical no matter what has happened in my life. I have always been a believer. And Karan is like that, too. I feel I am lucky, as I live only for love. And no man has given me more love and respect than Karan. I might not be looking for the same thing in marriage, like others do. I have my own checklist, and I have ticked my boxes accordingly. And I believe you can't judge anyone for their bad relationships. I have had bad relationships, and I could have been easily married twice. The relationship could have been as deep, but I didn't fall into the legality and that is the only difference. You can't condemn someone on the basis of a piece of paper."

She also revealed as to how did Karan propose her. Karan popped the "big question" of being together to Bips in Koh Samui on December 31 amidst fireworks. Bipasha and Karan started dating during the shoot of their movie Alone and sealed their love with marriage on April 30, this year.

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