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Shocking! Rahil Azim Ditched Nausheen Ali Sardar After A 3 Year Relationship!


It looks like 2016 is a curse for relationship in the Celeb Industry.  Remember the lead star of Kusum, Nausheen Ali Sardar? Well she is the next one to bite the dust! She was in a relationship with actor Rahil Azim(who by the way played lead role in Hatim). If the reports are to be believed then all online portals stated that they have been living together since three years. While, Nausheen was all set to tie the knot with him, he cheated on her. Sources tell that she is devastated after her break up, and is choosing to maintain silence. She was also quoted saying, "My comment is that it’s all a lie. And my private life I want to keep private."  

It's really heart breaking! 

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