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How To Get Rid Of Hormonal Pimples Or Acne


If you suffer from Acne that appear at the same spots on your face during the same time every month( Periods), you've got hormonal acne. Don't worry! We totally understand your plight and so we've got the fixes. You need to first know your skin cycle, so you can stop monthly breakouts for good!


One Week Before Your Period
Your skin is majorly PMS-ing (Pre Menstrual Syndrome) thanks to your estrogen levels dipping and progesterone a hormone that increase oil production taking over. During this time avoid junk or too greasy food and also de-grease pores with a salicylic acid toner pad. If you feel a pimple brewing beneath the surface, slather on a clay mask ( Multani Mitti) — it sucks out grime from inside the skin, preventing a breakout.

The Week of Your Period
If you have those ugly zits creeping up on your chin , nose or jaw. Don't worry! They're the result of last week's pore-clogging progesterone surge. You need to double up your cleansing game which means Remove makeup with a wipe and then use a good face wash which can kill germs and reduce the inflammation, then use an oil-free moisturizer to prevent over drying.

The Week After Your Period
After a bumpy ride of acne and zits  (literally!), your estrogen and progesterone hormone levels have gone back to normal — and so will your skin. Stick to an active skin care routine, even when you're acne-free as it will help prevent pimples next month.

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