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5 Adorably Cute Ways To Make Your Father Feel Special On Your Wedding!


For most of us our dads are this serious being who doesn’t cry, hug, kiss or express. He is all together a different person, who comes home at night all tired yet doesn’t express what his day was like. In short, he is a superman without a cape.

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No matter what, whether he shows it or not he is just too scared letting you go. Your wedding is the most important thing for him. So, show the first man you ever kissed in your life that how much you love him and will always do with these adorably cute ways.

Write him a special note 
Remember how our teachers used to make us write small notes in English class. Well, dig out the writer in you and write a special note filled with love to your Dad. Make him read it in on a dinner table in front of your closed ones. Also make sure you get the best shot while your father reads the note.

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Move a leg with your Dad
While, dancing to the beats with our best friends, siblings and man-to-be, we almost forget our dads. He is all left behind to watch us dance. So, to make him feel extra special, plan an exclusive father-daughter dance together. It’s ok if he matches the beat or not.

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Take a frame worthy picture
Make sure that you get a candid picture of you and your dad to show him later. Hire a person to click pictures of him showing all the emotions, he had never shown in all those years.

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Invite him to give a blessing speech 
Here comes the most important part invite your father to give a blessing speech straight from his heart on your cocktail party or the Mehendi ceremony. This will be a sweet memory for years to come.

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Walk in the phuloon ki chaddar with him
The most beautiful and heart touching moment is when parents see their daughter walking in the phoolon ki chaddar.  We suggest you to add a little twist to it, instead of walking with your bridesmaid, asks your father to accompany you. The walk will result in a sweet father-daughter time.

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Do tell us your idea of making your Dad feel special? After all it's his day too. :)

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