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Aww! Ranveer Singh's Driver Addressed Deepika Padukone As Bhabhi ji!


Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh are Bollywood's cutest couple. And Ranveer doesn't miss even one chance to show off his love for his lady love. If the reports of  DNA are to be believed, when Deepika returned from Budapest, her driver couldn’t come to pick her up. Ranveer was in Paris but despite being out of town he sent his car with his driver to fetch Deepika. According to the source, "For some reason her driver was not able to fetch her from the airport, so Ranveer, who was in Paris, arranged to have his driver fetch his lady love when Deepika landed in Mumbai from Budapest. Singh’s driver was dutifully waiting for ‘Bhabhiji’ with Ranveer’s car.” 

The best part was when Ranveer's driver met Deepika he kept addressing her as ‘bhabhi ji’. Wow! That is so cute !!! 

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