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Beauty Benefits of Eating Apple For Glowing Skin And Beautiful Hair


Apples have gained wider importance in health and beauty fields owing to it's benefits among the fruits. You can now get beautiful and glowing skin after biting on an apple in raw form. Apple is known to contain nutrients such as copper, vitamin C and potassium that can help you look more charming at all times. Here are some beauty benefits of apple that will make you want to bite into one asap.

Antioxidants are a necessity for your body as thy repair your tissues and protect the skin against cancer disease. Apples with their skin act as fighting substance and are a major source of oxidants. 

Apples cam smoothen and lighten your skin colour. This fruit contains collagen that is found in anti aging creams and can help you remain youthful and flawless. 

Fights Pimples & Acne
Apple when consumed as apple cider vinegar has bene known to rid the skin of pathogens and oils that cause pimples. The vinegar can furthermore balance the skin’s PH levels, that limits the production of  its own oils. The apple cider vinegar can be used with water as a toner and can be washed to treat pimples/acne. 

UV protection
Apple also contains UVB defending particles! Obviously you must use your sunscreen but including an apple can treat sunburns and repair skin against sun damage. Mix blended apple puree with a teaspoon of glycerine and apply it on your skin before you rinse it off in 15 minutes. 

Protection against hair damage
Apple makes your hair stay healthier because of a compound called procyanidin B-2. Eating apples can make your hair look prettier, so make sure to include in your diet. Apple not only boosts immunity but also boosts natural hair colour. 

Melanin regulation
The lack of melanin production causes various skin problems hence eating apples help in regulating retention of melanin layer in your skin. Melanin also protects skin against sun hence you can get double benefits. 

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