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EXCLUSIVE: Find Out The Real Story Behind Kangana-Ranbir Link Up Rumours!


Ranbir has known Kangana very well since 2014, when they both travelled together for the NDTV Indian of the Year awards. If we believe to the rumors then Ranbir is not happy with  Kangana’s friendly messages and/or mails to him, which had actually begun even before he parted ways with Katrina Kaif. A source close to Ranbir and Kangana jumps to Kangana's defence and said," Everyone is quite lonely in Bollywood and looking for a friend.” However the source also added," But yes, Ranbir is a bit harrowed these days, especially by the spate of stories in the media that he and Kangana have become close friends. You know how he is, he is one guy who, more often than not, prefers to be in his own space.”

But, it looks like now Ranbir Kapoor is not comfortable having Kangana Ranaut as his friend. 

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