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FINALLY! Shilpa Shetty Kundra Opens Up On Her Divorce Rumors!


Last week, rumors were doing rounds that Shilpa and Raj are heading for a divorce. Speculations suggested that the two were already living separately and were planning to separate soon. However, the reports were not true but Shilpa has been mum about the matter, now she finally opened up on the matter and she seemed to be very angry. In an interview with the leading daily she said," It is complete rubbish. I don’t even know where these rumours came from. I believe in the institution of marriage, and I love my husband. Many of my relatives from London, UK, called up, and they were really worried about these rumours. They were going through all the news channels back home.”

She also slammed the media for spreading false reports about her divorce. She said," There has to be a line drawn somewhere. If journalists hit us below the belt, it hurts, because we are only humans. Whoever put out that article should have at least cross-checked. It’s unfair to us.”

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