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"I Am Not Saying Yes or No" -Kareena Kapoor On Her Pregnancy Rumours


Media is abuzz with speculations around Kareena Kapoor Khan's pregnancy. The actress, who recently returned from London, sparked off reports of being pregnant, when a video of the actress walking in a particular manner went viral. Her father Randhir Kapoor's statement that Its high time they had babies has also added fuel to the fire.

In an interview to Pinkvilla, Kareena said, "Of course, everyone has to ask me if I am pregnant or not. It is amazing, everywhere I go, even normal people are asking me. I think it is fine you know, I honestly don't feel bad about it or I don't even judge people for making comments or saying things like may be, is she, is she not. Of course, I have never denied the fact  that motherhood is a part of me. I don't want to be the PM or President of USA, I don't want to own the world but I definitely look forward to having a child. But when it does happen, Pinkvilla will be the first to know, that much I can tell you. That can be anytime, I am not giving a timeline. I am not saying yes or no, but you guys will know at the right time. I saw the video and I was like 'Was I? I was stiff, because I had been on a holiday'."

While the actress isn't confirming the news, she isn't denying it as well. Ask her why so and she explains, "Like I said, I look forward to it. I have always said, I will work after marriage. I got married and I am still working. Now I am saying I will still have a child and my work will never suffer."

Well, it seems Bebo loves to keep us all guessing! What do you guys think?

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