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My Wedding Proposal Story & Celebrating The Platinum Day of Love!


 Love is a beautiful feeling and getting married to the one you love is a remarkable journey in itself. POPxo, my favorite community for women invited me to visit the SRS Jewels, Karol Bagh to check out the Platinum Love Bands.  The Platinum Love Band collection is so much more than just a piece of jewellery. For me, a platinum band represents eternal love between two people, a strong commitment and undying love that stands the test of time. This gorgeous collection reminds me of my beautiful wedding proposal, my platinum day of love which I'm going to share. I was also pleasantly surprised to know that the Platinum Love Band Collection starts at INR 15,000/ onwards! So, no need to break the bank, to acquire this symbol of love!

Outfit c/o Dheeru & Nitika

My fiancĂ© is in the Army and just like my father who is in the Army as well, the two share an endless charm that men in uniform are known to possess. Ours is no conventional story since we did not know each other from before. We met through a common friend which was then followed by our parent’s involvement and later we had our close ‘Roka’ ceremony.

We traveled to the place where he is posted, for our ‘roka’ ceremony. Right before our formal evening was to begin, my fiancĂ© picked me up and took me for a drive and yes, that wasn’t a part of the plan. To be honest, I really did think for once that a proposal was on the cards but I tried not getting my hopes up, incase that wasn’t going to happen. He held my hand and while driving to an undisclosed location, he started telling me about the best moments we have shared during our courtship period and why ‘us’ always felt the right decision. No one can flatter a woman better than the men in uniform (a lot of my friends will agree with this one) and while I was still basking in all the glory of his compliments, he suddenly stopped the car and when I looked around, we were under a tunnel that was beautifully lit, far from the maddening crowd. In no time, I spotted him kneeling down with a ring in his hand. The next thing I remember is that I was all-emotional and was screaming YES like a crazy girl in love! This swoon-worthy proposal set the stage for our incredible journey towards becoming husband and wife and will forever be my Platinum Day of Love. Here is one candid photo from the proposal (look at my endless smiling)...

Platinum is a precious metal best suited for your loved ones and that’s why for our wedding we got ourselves a pair of bands that will epitomize our everlasting journey of love. We will be sealing the deal with our Platinum Love Bands on 12th November 2016.

There is an opportunity to win a couple’s photo shoot if you purchase a platinum band now! The "Seasons of Love" offer is on till 26th June. You can also log onto to for more details.

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Photo story by Megha Jain. 

*Guiltybytes X POPxo X Platinum

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