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SCOOP: All Is Not Well Between Deepika And Priyanka!


Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra graced the IIFA Awards ceremony at Madrid recently. We told you that the actresses did not perform together on the stage for the Pinga track and when Priyanka asked about the whole issue, she commented, "You will have to check with the IIFA organizers as I am not sure what happened." PeeCee gave colder answers and seemed pretty snubbed with Deepika related questions. Here's what she added-

When asked about a certain project, PC replied, "I think Deepika is doing it, so I will not be able to comment on it." According to the reports, both the ladies are trying their luck in Hollywood and have apparently  auditioned for the James Bond movie, but for separate roles. 

IIFA watchers also said that there was a lot of awkwardness between the two. Don't know what's happening guys!

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