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This Actress Opens Up On Her Weight & Negative Body Image


Ileana D'Cruz made some surprising revelations about her weight struggles and body image. Recently in an interview with PTI she said," There was a point when I was super skinny. And I have had body issues for very long. I was at my lightest weight and even then I felt ‘Oh my God I am so fat.’ I am not too open about my body type. I have an unusual body type.” She also added,"I’ve reached a phase now where I am like, ‘you know what, I am not super happy with the way I look, but I am ready to work at it. I am not going to obsess over it’. When asked about the pressures she has to undergo to look her best always, Ileana said, “Absolutely. When going out, I look in the mirror, like any other normal girl, and feel ‘I look alright’. Then I get slammed by paparazzi. I say to myself why do I look so different in photographs.”In such situations, the actress feels it is best to not succumb to what others think and be assured of one’s own personality ”It becomes a little bit of an obsession. I am only human. It is very important to try and not think what others think about you. You should be happy the way you are."

Ileana will be seen next in 'Rustom' with Akshay Kumar! 

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