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This Fatty Food Can Actually Help You Slim Down



Experts used to think that dietary fat made people physically fat and sick, but not anymore. The only kind of fat that’s definitively bad for you is trans fat. And the other kinds of fat can be beneficial for general health - and weight management. Of course you can’t just add healthy fats to a crappy diet and expect to lose weight. But consuming a wide variety of nutritious foods, including fats, helps create satiety and can help prevent overeating, thereby resulting in sustainable weight loss.If you want to control your weight and live your healthiest life, you can get over your fat fears and dig into this fat-rich food!

Egg Yolk spells yummy isn't it!
Contrary to popular belief, eggs don’t appear to raise bad cholesterol or trigger heart disease, according to recent research that compared the effects of low- and high-egg diets. Eggs - yolks and all! - actually promote satiety that should (at least in theory) reduce overeating.

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