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Trend Alert: Spray On Nail Paint!!


Painting our nails just perfectly is no less than an art, something men will never understand. To even out every stroke of the nail paint and to avoid getting it on our skin applying multiple coats it’s not as easy as it looks . But with beauty guru’s always trying to make our lives so much more easier they have got us the spray on nail paints.

They work super easy just take the paint can on the opposite hand and spray on making sure you get colored on all your nails.

Yes! The spray gets on your fingers as well but just wipe it clean with a cotton ball with lotion or  cleaning wipes and you are good to go.

The paint is evenly put on all nails and dries super quick. In fact this is strongly recommended for busy working professionals. It stays on without chipping for about 5-7 days
It’s a quick fix to get our nails painted almost instantly we recommend all your girls to give it a r=try once and then decide for your own self.

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  1. This is such a cool concept. I don't know that I would have the skill to do it properly, though!