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Uh-Oh! Find Out The Main Reason Behind Salman Khan And Arijit Controversy!


The entire industry has been discussing the Salman Khan and Arijit controversy, and how he replaced his song in Sultan, but now, it looks like there is a new twist to the story. According to the DNA reports, it wasn't Salman Khan who had Arijit's song Jag Ghoomeya dropped from the movie but it was the decision of Aditya Chopra. Reportedly, an actress said,"Why is Aditya Chopra letting Salman Khan take the flak for the Arijit Singh controversy? It was a creative decision taken by the production house. Instead, a big tamasha was allowed to unfold with Arijit’s public apology to Salman where he had pleaded with the actor to retain his song . Contrary to what Arijit is talking about for a long while in media and social networking platforms, Salman has moved on a long back. He’s not petty and would never play politics with somebody’s career. All it would take is a statement from the production house to clear Salman’s name in this matter. But he is not the kind of person to tell them to do so.”

Uh-Oh! What's the matter guys? 

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