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10 Stunning Ways To Include Paper In Your Wedding Décor!


In most of Indian weddings we have a large amount of flower from pooja to mandap décor, and we agree no wedding is complete without flowers. But if you want to try something new apart from flower décor then why not go for paper decoration? Confused, how a paper can be used in wedding décor. Well, it can and that to making your whole wedding a modern affair straight out of a fairy tale. And believe us in the end all your guests will ask you how did you do it (plus it’s super cheap and elegant). Scroll down to see these super stunning paper décor ideas.  

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Paper cranes for wedding decor
Paper cranes decor look beautiful and super cute plus you can make it on your own, it makes the whole ambiance refreshing and can be used as a backdrop for your stage. 
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Paper flower wall
Heard of flower wall in weddings, this time go for paper flower one to click stunning pictures on your wedding.
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Floating paper lantern 
If you are opting for a destination wedding and have a water near your location, then you must have this superb floating paper lantern decor at night. It will mesmerize the whole guest with its beauty.
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Paper pom pom
Another amazing idea in which you can decorate your dinner table for the wedding is by paper pompom and make it an affair to talk about.

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Flower balls
You will love these flower ball ideas simple, elegant and damn  beautiful. It gives the perfect modern touch to your wedding.

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Flowers in chair
Decorating your chair for the guest with paper flowers is another hit idea.

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Paper fans
You can create a perfect photo booth for your guests with paper flowers combined with these beautiful frames.

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 Simple paper flowers
How about going for a simple super easy DIY paper flowers as your wedding decoration.

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Paper umbrellas
How about adding a these little paper umbrellas as your wedding decor with lights to make it look awesome.

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Paper flower for table
Paper flowers that look more beautiful than the real flowers is a super hit idea to decorate the table for guests.

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