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3 Chic Bridal Bun Hairstyles To Walk Down In Style!


Most of us have this myth that donning a bun adds 5 more years to our age and make us look boring. Because of which most of the brides prefer going for loose hair or curls than a bun for their pre-wedding function or wedding day (after all we all want to look young and stylish). So here we are breaking this age old myth – buns can make you look prettier and actually younger.

Messy side bun
If you are a bride with long, thick and fine hair then go for this messy side bun. This is one style that’s evergreen and years from now when you will look at your pictures, you will definitely thank us. You can opt this look for your ring ceremony.

DIY TIP- Part all your hair to one side and comb well to get rid of any frizz. Now Divide your hair into two sections and put them into two pony tails. Separate a section of hair from your first ponytail and wrap it around to conceal the hair tie, do the same with the other ponytail. Now take a small section of your hair and twist it. Grab a few strands with one hand and push the hair back with other hand towards the base of the ponytail and secure it with bobby pin. Repeat it till all the hair is in bun.

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Curly up-do with side braid
If you are tired of your straight hairs or if you have those lustrous curls, then this style is for all you beauties to get that glamorous look. This classic look can easily be adorned on your wedding day and taking your dupatta as a veil.

DIY TIP- Brush your hair thoroughly, make a narrow section of your hair near your ear. Leave some hair in the front and make a Dutch braid from the rest of the section. Tuck the sides of the braid with an elastic band. Now take the hair from your crown and secure it in a loose ponytail. Flip the ponytail and secure it with bobby pins. Twist your hair and pin them including the Dutch braid above the band. And, tuck the remaining front hair at the back of your head. You are done.

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Chic Chignon for your mehendi

Finally, something for the girls with long straight hairs – a chic chignon bun to make you look pretty on your mehendi or let's say haldi.  You can easily find this style rocking the red carpets and on top celebs and royalties.

DIY TIP- Part your hair into two sections, one in the front and other at the back, make a Dutch braid in the front and secure it with a hair tie. Make a ponytail at the nape of your neck, make a hole above your hair tie and flip the hair into it. Take the ponytail and wrap it around and roll it into a bun and fix it with bobby pins. In the end take your braid and wrap it around your bun and pin it. Taadaa you are ready

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