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4 Reasons Why Facial Toner Is Important After Cleansing!


A good skincare routine is what every beauty expert speaks about. If you want a healthy looking skin, then pamper your skin and keep acne, blemishes, dryness at bay. Skincare routine involves CTM- cleansing, toning, and moisturising. It is often misunderstood that toning is required only if you wear heavy makeup, but if you want an extra cleansing and hydrating complexion then toning is a must task. Facial toners are a must have for oily skin ladies as it removes excess oil from the skin and prevents breakouts. It is even important for a normal skin, dry skin beauties as they have plenty of benefits. If you want to know them, then read further and start toning your skin right away.

1. pH balance:
Our skin is acidic in nature and after cleansing, the pH balance of our skin gets disturbed which increases the oiliness and cause acne, breakout. So to restore the pH balance it is advised to use facial toners that will give a smoother and clean complexion.

2. Detoxifies the skin:
Your skin gets exposed to pollutants, grime, dirt and chemicals due to which your skin can age and look dull. So the best way to detoxify your skin is by including facial toners in your beauty regime. It cleanses the dirt, grime, improves the complexion and reduces the signs of aging. Isn't toner the most important task in your routine?

3. Tighten open pores:
Oily skin beauties, facial toners are happiness for your skin. Enlarged open pores are home for dirt, pollutants, and toxins which cause breakouts, pimples. And the best way to reduce your pores is to cleanse your face with facial toners, it will not only shrink, but even tighten your pores and keep your face clean and less oily.

4. Youthful appearance:
The best thing about facial toners is that it hydrates the skin. Good moisture level will maintain the elasticity in your face and reduce the signs of aging. With regular use of facial toner, your skin will be replenished and get a youthful appearance.

So, girls after cleansing your face never forget to apply toner, it will definitely improve your skin complexion and turn it youthful and dewy.

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