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5 Adorably Cute Ways To Know Him Better!


Let’s fall in love together…

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If you have gone with your parents’ choice for arranging the man of your life, great!! But here is one problem You Don’t Know Him Yet. And if you are one of those shy, in your own zone types it becomes lot more difficult to break the ice. However, if you flip the coin and try to see the other side of it, you will understand that arranged marriages are this beautiful process of knowing and living with a person who you know nothing about. With initial love and understanding you start the journey of knowing him better and falling in love midway.
But if you are still nervous to start the journey and get that little butterfly dance in your tummy then we advise you to relax. Because we are here to tell you 5 adorable ways to get to know him better and maybe fall in love too. J

Date nights with your man-to-be

Believe us, it will help you to know your man in a lot better way, from his choices to the way he talks everything. Plan date nights with him, get ready especially for him, move around the city, try different cuisine, flirt with each other and in midst of all this you will get to know him better. And eventually you will fall in love with the away he talks, the weird hand movement he does while explaining and all those little things that will later count in your beautiful love story.
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Invite the in laws
In India, you don’t marry just the person but the whole family which comes as a gift. Try to know them, spent some quality time with his parents. Win their heart, and it will leave an impression on him as well (Your family values).

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Write letters
No matter, how stupid or cheesy this sounds. But a hand written love letters wins every heart. Live the fantasy you always had about your relationship. Tell him your idea about the love. Don’t be too filmy but more realistic while writing.
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Late night phone calls
You don’t really know a person, if you haven’t been on call with them after 2 in the night. Well, it’s true, after 2 AM we all get vulnerable, this is one of the best times to know someone, to talk to them and share their deepest secrets. Know his interest, his thoughts and his doubts.

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A pre-wedding holiday
Another best way to know him better and start your love story is to go on a little road trip together. Spend some quality time together only two of you, sharing little secrets and believe us your bond will get stronger after this little trip.   

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