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5 Facts You Should Know About Liquid Lipstick


The world is raving about liquid lipstick and if haven't got your hands on them then do read our post and we bet you would start browsing for the best liquid lipstick. Even though liquid lipstick is a trend of 2015, the makeup and beauty world hasn't got enough of it and that is why it still stays in trend. From Kylie Lip kits to MAC Matte Liquid Lipcolor every brand has created a fabulous product for all. If you are wondering that liquid lipsticks are super glossy then you might be wrong. They do have a shine, but the end result is mind blowing. Take a look at our 5 facts about liquid lipsticks.

1. Less is more:
The liquid lipsticks available in the market are super pigmented and that is why just one swipe of the lipstick will pop up your lips and brighten your face. One swipe of the lipstick isn't that amazing?

2. Long lasting:
How we girls crave for a lipstick, that can withstand our drinks, meals and stay the way we had applied first. Liquid lipsticks are the hero of your dreams, they have a long lasting formula and can stay up to 12 hours. Whoa, that’s a long duration! As they are long lasting, they can dry your lips, thus we suggest you prep your lips with exfoliation and with a hydrating lip balm.

3. Kissable lipstick:
Not only are they long lasting, they even are smudge proof, which means once they dry they won't budge and you can kiss without worrying.

4. You don't need a lip liner:
A makeup junkie would understand how important lip liners are, they enhance your lipstick, prevent shabbiness and bleeding. But when you use a liquid lipstick, you can bid goodbye lip liners, as they are super easy to apply and even a beginner can apply liquid lipstick as a pro.

Tip: We would suggest you to use a lip brush for perfect pouty lips.  

5. They are liquid, but give matte finish:
Now this is tricky, many of you would be thinking that liquid lipsticks are glossy but actually they are matte! You just have to give the lipstick few minutes to dry, and then tada your lips would be mattified. However if you feel they don't look matte finish, then you can always blot your lips with tissue paper.

As liquid lipstick has intense pigmentation and matte finish we suggest you to exfoliate your lips and smear it with lip balm to avoid dryness or cracking of lips. Brands such as Estee Lauder, L'oreal, MAC, NYX, Maybelline have excellent liquid lipsticks worth drooling for. If you love liquid lipsticks we would love to know about your favorite brand!

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