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5 Ways How Activated Charcoal Can Improve Your Skin And Hair!


Who could think that charcoal could be used as a beauty product? These days every beauty product boasts about the powerful ingredient charcoal and include it in various products. From blotting papers, soaps, face wash, night creams to sponges, shampoo, and even juices are loaded with activated charcoal. As it removes poison, toxins from the body, it is actively used in healthcare and now due to its fabulous results on the skin, it is used for beautifying skin. Charcoals are made by burning the wood in the absence of oxygen when you heat this charcoal at a higher temperature, then you get a porous substance called activated charcoal which draws up the dirt, grime and other impurities from the skin. Basically, it cleanses the skin effortlessly and a perfect beauty product for acne prone skin, oily skin beauties. However apart from this, we have listed various other benefits of activated charcoal, take a look.

1. Shrinks pores:

The polluted air takes a toll on the skin and that is why it is very normal to have clogged pores due to dirt, dust, debris. These clogged pores then result in blackheads, breakouts, and dull skin, but when you use activated charcoal as a scrub it will pull out the debris and even tighten your pores. Activated charcoal has tremendous cleansing properties, leaving your face fresh and smooth.

2. Reduces oiliness of skin:
Activated charcoals are best for the piquing hot summer when your skin naturally turns sweaty and oily. Activated charcoal will act like a magnet and does not only remove dirt, but even balances the oil on the skin. Use a face mask or a face wash and keep oily skin and acne, breakouts at bay.

Tip: if you have dry skin, then it is best to stay away from charcoal products as it might dry your skin even more.

3. Skin tightening:
Every high-end brand is creating night creams with charcoal as it boosts the elasticity of the skin and adds a firmness that reduces fine lines and other signs of aging. There are various charcoal soaps that help in skin firming which brings a plump and youthful look.

4. Stimulates voluminous hair:
Greasy hair, dandruff, the dirty scalp can result in severe hair fall, hence the best way to detoxify your scalp and promote healthy hair follicles is activated charcoal. As it is an excellent cleanser, the porous charcoal will suck in the dirt, toxins from your scalp and make your hair look and feel healthy. It is even responsible for removing dandruff.

5. Teeth whitener:
Brides to be if you are looking for a pearly white set of teeth, then use charcoal toothpaste, it has activated carbon that reduces the stains and gradually makes your teeth pearl white. Isn't it tempting? But dentists recommend fluoride paste to prevent cavity, so you can blend both charcoal and regular paste together to cleanse your teeth.

Have any more interesting benefits of charcoal? Then let us know in the comments below.

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