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6 Common Emotions Every Bride-to-be And Her Family Face Before The Wedding!


Emotionally High? It's OK, we all had been there!

Dear Mom and Dad, I may find my happily ever after with my prince. But you are always going to have a special space in my heart. Mom, I may fight with you over your constant nagging to make me learn kitchen ethics. However, I know that it’s for my own good. Daddy, I hope you remember to take your medicines on time, as I won’t be there anymore to remind you. Sis, now the whole room is yours, feel free to mess it up. 

Well these are just few emotions all the brides-to-be feel while running around for all the shaddi preparation. Don’t get freaked out with all the emotions. Because getting emotionally high is just natural, no one can avoid it. Here are 6 emotions spree every bride-to-be feels before the big day dawns.

Saying Goodbye hurts

From roka ceremony to shaadi day, the thought of saying goodbye make us cry. Sometimes it doesn’t feel real at all. Your room, your bed, your cushions and everything else at your home feels as if you are leaving them all behind. Everything suddenly seems sentimentally attached. You cry on little things as well as the big ones. Honestly let me tell you it’s ok to feel all this. And this is not the last time; you are not going away forever.

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Everything feels unreal

Yup it’s true; everything from your shaddi shopping to dates with your man feels unreal at times. It’s all like a dream that’s getting true. And the days seem less. You feel excited and sometimes emotionally blank.

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Constant crying of Ma

Our lovely moms who never skip a chance to give us the shaddi gyan, suddenly turn into a cry-baby. She is crying from shopping malls to jewellery store, whenever the marriage topic pops up her tears burst. Here is the advice you must follow, sit with your mom, spent some quality time before you tie the knot. Give her your time; show her that her little gudiya has finally turned into a lady with charm.

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The rush hormones

Apart from getting emotionally high, the bride and her family get the little rush hormones. From d├ęcor to your mehendi preparation thoughts haunts you day and night. You want your shaddi a day to remember and getting all panicked is normal. But, please relax it’s your day. It’s perfectly normal if things mess a little bit because it will become a tell-tale to your kids.

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Confused! Should I run away!

Seeing all the rush, aunties kissing you, giving you blessings and your long lost cousins with children giving you shaddi gyan make you all confused. And to some extent you feel like running away. So many questions must be popping in your mind, all the limelight sometimes hurt. Well take a deep breath and feel happy because this is your day.

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Finally the show day

LOL! Maybe we are exaggerating. But when the day finally dawns, we get mixed feeling from pure joy to sadness. The thoughts of leaving your mom-dad, brother-sister behind and starting over a complete new life gives us chill. And more than this we feel excited, from clicking pictures to making sure we steal all the glances becomes the main motive of our life.
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Feelings emotional? Remembered your day? Tell us your shaddi feeling in the comments below.  

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