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6 Fabulous Ways You Can Use Yogurt In Your Beauty Regime


What is the first thing your eye on when you see a fashion magazine? Don't we all look at the models with perfect skin sans blemishes, pigmentation, acne, uneven skin tone or anything that we all deal with daily? The glossy magazine covers have the prettiest dewy, smooth faces that scream perfection and all we can do is silently wish for the flawless, picture perfect skin. Hey but even you can get the magazine cover girl skin, all you need to do is involve yogurt in your skin routine. Absurd? But yogurt is a powerful ingredient that beautifies your skin, and brings an end to all your skin problems. Yogurt is rich in nutrients like zinc, lactic acid, Vitamin B, calcium that promotes healthy skin and rejuvenates skin deeply. If you want to look picture perfect in your next selfie, then read the 6 ways you can incorporate yogurt into your beauty care.

The lactic acid is a naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acid that acts as an exfoliator, the active bacteria cultures to help balance the bacterial situation on your epidermis, and calcium is really important for your skin’s health and moisture

it has loads of calcium, carbohydrates and proteins, it works as a good moisturizer for the dry and chapped skin. Even when you are down with redness, skin acne and pimples, yogurt proves to be a brilliant remedy in reducing skin breakouts.

1. As exfoliator:
Yogurt is infused with lactic acid that removes the dead skin cells, unclogs the pores and cleanses the skin in depth. As yogurt is rich in calcium it even acts as a moisturizer and prevents dryness, which means it is safe for all skin types. Make a paste of yogurt and apply it on your face for 10 minutes, rinse with cold water and notice your skin turning smooth and clean.
Tip: avoid using any flavored yogurt as it can cause irritation to your skin.

2. As under eye treatment:
Yogurt contains lactic acid that hydrates the skin and calcium that promotes skin renewal. So when you apply yogurt on your dark circles, it will lighten the pigmentation and promote skin regeneration. Before going to bed apply yogurt under the eyes for 10 minutes and rinse with water.

3. As skin whitener:
The instant way to brighten your face is yogurt. It is rich in vitamin B2 that gives a radiant look and the lactic acid will lighten the skin tone and remove all blemishes and pigmentation from your skin. Yogurt face mask replenishes the skin and gives a natural glow.

4. As pore size reducer:

Are you fed up of the big pores on your face? Then apply yogurt over the pores daily, and the pore size will diminish. Lactic acid minimizes the pores, tightens the skin and reduces excessive oil that can clog the pores.

5. As the wrinkle remover:
The best thing about yogurt is that it reduces the signs of aging. The riboflavin in yogurt fights free radicals and promotes healthy fats in the skin cells that protects the skin and reduces the chances of wrinkles on your face. Apply yogurt in any of your face mask and notice the fine lines, and wrinkles disappear.

6. As hair mask:

Bring an end to dandruff and hair fall problems by using yogurt as a hair mask. Yogurt is a rich source of zinc, vitamin D, that improves the quality of your hair follicles, reduces excessive oil and even condition your hair. So if you have hair fall or dandruff make a paste of yogurt and lemon juice and apply it from the roots to the tip of your hair and leave it for 20-30 minutes. Rinse with cold water and you would notice less flakiness and softer, stronger hair.

Isn't yogurt a multi-benefit ingredient? Let us know how do you use yogurt in your skincare regime.

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