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7 Benefits Of Tea Tree Oil For Your Skin and Hair


Acne, breakouts are like BFF of not only teens, but even adults and the long list of hair woes is enough to spoil your day. But what if we tell you that your pesky pimples and troubled hair can come to an end with just one ingredient? Yes, the magical potion for your skin and hair is tea tree oil. It has been used for decades across the globe for curing several skin diseases, wounds, infection and because it has anti-fungal, antibacterial, antiseptic properties you can definitely use it for both your hair and skin. We bring you several ways you can use tea tree oil for your skin and hair and how you can bid goodbye to acne, pimples and a myriad of hair problems.

1. Acne free skin:
Just a few drops of  tea tree oil are powerful to give you acne free skin. The antibacterial properties help in fighting the bacteria and reduces the acne bumps, redness. You wouldn't notice overnight changes, but we swear if you use it regularly in your skin care you will see how it removes your acne, breakouts. Also, tea tree oil can be used to soothe rashes, burns and infection.

2. Removes blemishes:

You can use tea tree oil as a natural toner and remove the dark spots, pigmentation. It removes the dead skin cells, which will take away the layers of spots, scars, marks and give you a blemish free skin. Every morning cleanse your face with tea tree oil and see the scars, marks fading away.

3. Absorbs excessive oil:

Oily skin lovelies, you can definitely count on this magical liquid, it will absorb the excessive sebum and lessen the shine on your face. You can make a scrub of 2-3 drops of tea tree oil, honey, oatmeal and apply this mixture on your face, neck. Once it dries with pat your face with water and gently scrub your face in circular motion. This scrub will soak up excess oil, cleansing your face from impurities and unclog your pores.

4. Supple, smooth skin:
Even dry skin beauties can use tea tree oil to get a supple skin. It has hydrating properties that will bring a dewy texture to your skin, all you would need is 2-3 drops of tea tree oil, 1 teaspoon of almond oil and smear this on your face. Let it rest and then gently massage your face, neck and then wash with your regular face wash. When you use this on a daily basis, it will make your skin smooth and baby soft.

5. Fights wrinkles:
Tea tree oil is a great source of antioxidants that fights free radicals and keeps your skin away from wrinkles, fine lines. Also, it will prevent the degradation of collagen production, which helps in maintaining the skin elasticity. To any of your face mask add tea tree drops and see effective results or before going to bed massage your face with tea tree oil and look youthful.

6. Scalp treatment:
If your hair is infected with dandruff, lice then you can massage your hair with tea tree oil. The antifungal properties will combat fungi, lice and keep your scalp free from any impurities. Add a few drops of tea tree oil to your fave oil and clean your scalp from foreign impurities.

7. Promotes hair growth:
Tea tree oil moisturises the hair, stimulates blood flow to the hair shafts,  unclogs the hair follicles and works on strengthening the hair roots. You can add tea tree oil to your shampoo and conditioner and get long lustrous hair. You could even invest in tea tree shampoos and get effective results.

Include tea tree oil in your vanity bag and make your skin and hair worth drooling for.

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