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7 Mistakes Dry Skin Beauties Should Avoid For Flawless Skin


No one has a perfect skin texture, every girl deal with her own set of skin issues. Where an oily skin lady would be fighting with her acne and oiliness, a dry skin beauty would be troubled with flaky and itchy skin. But there are certain factors that can improve your skin texture and reduce your skin issues that are difficult to deal with. When we talk about skin texture, dry skin beauties often suffer from patchy, dehydrated and dull skin that often leads to signs of aging. Even though you religiously pamper your skin with cleansing, moisturising and exfoliating, your skin can still have certain issues. Blame your day to day routine which is the reason that your skin is having its own mind. Surprisingly there are these everyday mistakes which are stopping your skin from being flawless, check them out below and stop them right away.

1. You pick wrong skin care products:
This is the first mistake you do that can trouble your skin. Next time when you buy skincare products it is best to avoid alcohol based products as they dry out the skin. Opt for gel based products which would strip the natural oils of your face or dehydrate your skin.

2. You over exfoliate:

Exfoliating the skin is good, but if you have dry skin, then it is best to stick to weekly once. Over exfoliation which means scrubbing thrice a week will suck the moisture from your dry skin and make it flaky and dry.

3. You don't moisturise enough:
Make moisturizing creams your BFF, they are the best thing that you can feed your dry skin. Moisturiser will retain the water content in your face, body and will avoid the chances of dryness or redness. After your shower, before your beauty sleep hydrate your face and body with a good quality moisturizer and stay beautiful.
Tip: Shea butter, cocoa butter, Vitamin E rich creams is apt for dry skin beauties.

4. You enjoy hot showers:
This is probably the worst mistake you do. No matter which season it is best to avoid hot showers, instead go for lukewarm water as the hot water can strip away the top layer of your epidermis and make your skin dehydrated, itchy and flaky.

5. You use citrus fruits in home remedies:

It is true that when it come to home remedies nothing has side effects, but if you don't want an irritated skin, then refrain yourself from using citrus fruit packs, scrubs as they are acidic in nature. Use ingredients like jojoba oil, aloe vera gel, honey which will increase the moisture content and make your skin happy.

6.  You don't drink sufficient water:
Dry skin ladies must definitely drink plenty of water as it is a natural nutrient for your skin which will replenish and flush out toxins from your body. Make sure you drink 10-12 glasses of water daily.

7. You love scented creams:
No matter how much you love rose, strawberry or any fruity scent in your creams, they can actually harm your skin. Scented creams can dry your skin so pick fragrance free skincare products. Also, if you can't resist scented creams, then look for natural fragrance product which is chemical and paraben free.
Dry skin beauties, we hope you avoid these mistakes and make your skin soft, supple and flawless.

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