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CONFIRMED: Fawad Khan To Play Deepika's Husband In Padmavati!


Deepika and Ranveer is all set to come together in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Padmavati. Few days back there were rumors doing rounds that Shahid Kapoor is approached to play the role of Deepika's husband. But, now Deepika finally found her husband and he is none other than but hottie Fawad Khan. The deal is already finalised and according to the Bollywoodlife source,"Since Ranveer is playing the Sultan, the role of Rawal Singh also has to be of his takkar. Otherwise, the story won’t work.” 

The source also added,"Bhansali wants 200 days from all his lead actors, including Ranveer Singh (plays Alauddin Khilji) and Deepika (Padmavati). Fawad has those days to spare. In between, he has Karan Johar’s production, but it should not be a problem as KJo and Bhansali share a good equation. So they will work it out. It’s too big an offer for Fawad to pass up. The first schedule is with Deepika and her husband’s character. The scenes between Deepika and Ranveer are being shot separately as they never meet in the film. Initially, a TV actor was to be signed, but Deepika put her foot down. A random actor from television won’t do for her. While she has no scenes with Ranveer, she shares some intense romantic and lovemaking scenes with her husband, so she wants a big star as her hero.”
Finally! Our dream come true! 

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