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Divyanka Tripathi Wore A Saree To Her Bacheloratte Party And Still Had A Lot Of Fun!


Divyanka was heartbroken when she broke up with her long time beau Ssharad Malhotra and after that she also lost the trust on relationships. Then Vivek came in her life and things seems to be changed for her. As we all know there is a saying that marriages are made in heaven. They met on the sets of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein and their co star Pankaj Bhatia( Divyanka's brother in law in the show) played the Cupid between them. Divyanka and Vivek’s relationship slowly developed into a meaningful, romantic one and they fell in love in just two meetings. Without any delay they got engaged in a secret ceremony before Valentine's Day. They celebrated their Valentine's Eve in Sri Lanka and the photos they share were breathtaking and romantic! 

Vivek proposed to Divyanka on her Birthday and she was totally surprised. He had to shake her to make her realise it was real and not a daydream. Divyanka also felt like a princess from a fairy tale. Indeed the moment was truly special. Their love story is not less than a fairy tale. 

Now, they are all set to tie the knot on July 8 in Bhopal which is followed by grand reception in Mumbai on July 14 and they both are getting pre wedding jitters. Both are nervous and excited. Recently, they also shared some pre wedding photos and they look like a dream.

Recently, Divyanka also celebrated her bacheloratte party with her friends and we got some of the pictures on social media. She wore a saree on her Bacheloratte. Can you believe this? From their photos it looks like they had a lot of fun. 

Check It Out:

A photo posted by Divyanka our inspiration (@divyanka_our_inspiration_fc) on

We wish them all the luck for their future and can't wait for their wedding.

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