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DIY Ubtan For Brides To Be To Get Gorgeous Glowing Skin


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Brides-to-be, have you started using ubtan in your skincare regime? If no it's time to start applying ubtans radiant skin on your D-day. Yes, along with your pre-bridal services you can easily involve in ubtans which will give you a dewy, glowing skin. Ubtans is a legacy of Indian culture and for eons brides in India have been using this beauty paste which is made from various natural ingredients and only have positive results on your skin. Apart from glowing skin, ubtans have plenty of benefits such as it tightens the skin, repairs the damaged skin cells, removes facial hair, boosts the new skin cells, unclogs the pores, fights acne and gives a blemish free skin. We have listed tried and tested ubtans that would suit your skin type and work in smooth, supple and flawless skin.

1. Ubtan for oily skin:

Oily skin brides worry of excessive oil, acne, breakouts and hence it is important to choose an ubtan that will balance the oils and kill bacteria causing acne.

What you need:
2 tablespoon sandalwood powder
5-6 mint leaves
5-6 neem leaves
1 tablespoon Multani mitti
1 teaspoon of tomato juice

Benefits of the ingredients:
Sandalwood is the best ingredient for oily skin beauties, it has antibacterial properties that will kill bacteria, and the cooling properties will soothe the redness, whereas mint and neem purify the skin in depth. Tomato juice is a perfect ingredient to remove sun tan, excess sebum, and Multani mitti will absorb excessive oil, removes dead skin cells and heals acne scars.

How to make the ubtan:
Make the powder of neem leaves and mint leaves and add to the sandalwood powder and multani mitti powder. Add tomato juice to this mixture and make sure the paste is thick and not watery. Smear it all over your face and once the ubtan dries wet your face and gently scrub your face in a circular motion (avoid this if you have pimples on your face) and then wash it with cold water.

Tip: You can even use rose water or milk instead of tomato juice.

2. Ubtan for dry and dull skin:
Dry skin brides have their own share of problems. Flaky and dull skin is one of the biggest problems for every dry skin girl. Along with this sign of aging to become a big worry. So we have got you a fabulous ubtan that will remove dead skin cells and nourish your skin deeply.

What you need:
1 teaspoon milk powder
2 tablespoon gram flour
1 teaspoon of almond powder
1/2 teaspoon turmeric
1 teaspoon malai
1 teaspoon lemon juice

Benefits of the ingredients:
Milk powder, turmeric, and malai will nourish and brighten your skin over a period of time. And gram flour is a natural exfoliator whereas almond powder will hydrate your skin and reduce the blemishes from your skin. Lemon juice will reduce premature wrinkles, dryness and lighten your skin tone.

How to make ubtan:
Whip a paste of all the ingredients and slather it on your face for 30 minutes. Once it dries, lightly wet your face and exfoliate your skin for a few minutes, wash with cold water. You can use this for your body even. Do this weekly, twice and notice major changes.

3. Ubtan for sensitive skin:

Breakouts, zits, redness are major skin issues for sensitive skin. So to treat these issues as well as make your skin glowing you can use this ubtan once a week and improve your skin complexion.

What you need:
1 tablespoon of gram flour
½ teaspoon turmeric
1 teaspoon lemon juice
1/2 teaspoon almond oil

Benefits of the ingredients:
Gram flour or besan are natural exfoliator and turmeric will reduce acne and pimples, whereas almond oil will soothe your skin, moisturize and improve your skin texture.

How to make the ubtan:
Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and apply it generously all over your face, neck. Let it dry and then rinse with lukewarm water.  

4. Ubtan for spots, pigmentation skin:
If you have severe acne scars, pigmentation, and dark spots then it would be perfect to use an ubtan that will remove the dead skin cells, rejuvenate the new skin cells and fade the scars.

What you need:
1 tablespoon of apple pulp
1 tablespoon of gram flour
½ teaspoon of turmeric
1 teaspoon of rose water

Benefits of the ingredients:
Apple pulp will moisturize the sensitive skin and bring a natural, dewy glow to your face whereas turmeric will fight acne and fade scars, dark spots. Rose water will tone your skin and gram flour will remove the dead skin cells from your face.

How to make the ubtan:
Make a concoction of all the ingredients and maintain a creamy texture, smear it all over your face and neck. Let it dry and then wash it with lukewarm water. Make sure you apply it once a week and continue until your D-day.

Even if you are not the bride to be you can use this ubtan weekly and enhance your skin complexion. However brides to be, bring the glow that you have been dreaming of your D-day.

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