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#Hair Alert: Find Out How Henna Nourishes Your Hair


Since time immemorial henna or mehndi has been used by women of India, Egypt. It is believed that the beauty queen Cleopatra used henna to beautify her hand, body. And then gradually, people started using henna to naturally dye their hair, but it resulted in nourishing their hair and treating several hair problems. Since then and till now, many beauty focused women are inclined towards nurturing their manes using henna. So, girls and soon to be brides if you are using henna only as hand tattoo, read our post and start using henna for your hair.

1. Repairs damaged hair:
Henna acts as hair booster and makes your hair healthy and strong. When you apply a henna mask on your hair weekly, it seals your hair cuticles and prevents breaking your hair. Make a hair mask of henna, fenugreek powder (nourished hair follicles), amla powder and mustard oil. Apply it on your hair and leave it for 20-30 minutes, rinse your hair with cold water and make sure you apply this every week for healthy hair.

2. Glossy hair:
When you apply henna with lemon juice, black tea and egg white it will make your hair silky and glossy. Henna has conditioning properties that will not only make your hair bouncy but even protects your hair strands from sun damage.

3. Cleanses scalp:
Henna has stunning properties of cleansing your scalp, it maintains the acid alkaline on your scalp and acts as anti-residue which removes any kind of grime from your hair. Mask your hair with henna and green tea concoction and this will help in cleansing your hair perfectly.

4. Grey hair:
Henna has natural dye that can help in covering your grey hair. You don't have to worry about any chemical damage as henna doesn't have amino acids, chemical dyes that could damage your hair. It will not only bring a reddish brown shade to your hair, but even make your hair texture lustrous and voluminous. Apply henna, coffee, beetroot mask on your hair for 30 minutes and wash it with water, avoid shampooing for that day. If you want deep hair color, then once your hair dries nourish your hair with oil and wash with shampoo the next day.

5. Fights dandruff:
As henna is used for cleansing your hair, it has antibacterial properties that will clear off the fungi from your hair scalp and protect it from dandruff and itchiness. Make a mask of henna, fenugreek powder, and yogurt. It will hydrate your hair scalp, nourish your hair and prevent dryness that causes dandruff. Apply this mask every week for best results.

These were the stunning benefits of henna and we hope you use henna for nourishing your hair and bid goodbye to any of your hair issues.

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