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Here are 5 tricks For The Brides To Make Their Thin Hair Thick Again!


Never, Never, Never Give up on your hair, Girls!
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Dear Brides-to-be 
Are you still searching for a perfect hairdo for your big day? By now you have seen zillions of hairstyles, but nothing satisfied you? Well wedding hairstyle is as important as deciding for the dress. However, if you have thin hair, the thought of having that perfect hairstyle takes a back seat. You constantly have to think and re-think about your hair and the hair-loss. Also, you get tired of losing your hair everywhere (it’s really common). It’s ok; don’t get panicked, as Wedstreetstyle team tells you 5 tricks to make your hair naturally thick and shiny. 

Witness the magic of olive oil

Olive oil is really best tool for getting thicker hair naturally. It works as magical oil in making your hair grow long. It has all the right ingredients for hair growth. Also, it will make your tresses soft and straight. 
All you need to do is massage your hair with warm olive oil and leave it for 30-40 minutes. Then wash off your hair with a mild shampoo.

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Avocado for healthy hair, naturally!

Avocado is known for giving health to otherwise thin hair. It moisturises your hair. And since it’s rich in vitamin E, it contributes in the overall health of your tresses.
Mash one avocado; mix it with one mashes banana and one tbsp. of olive oil. Massage the mixture on your hair and leave it there for 30 minutes (to let all the nutrients gets absorbed). Finally wash off your hair with shampoo.

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Get thick hair with castor oil

If you want to get thicker hair fast and naturally, than massage your hair with castor oil regularly. It protects the hair from regular hair fall. And also it promotes growth as it is rich in fatty acids.
Heat a mixture of coconut oil and castor oil equally. Massage the mixture on your hair in a circular motion. After applying make sure you comb your hair thoroughly and get rid of any tangles. Leave it for 1 hour and then wash off your tresses.
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Add volume with Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple cider vinegar is really great for adding volume to your hair naturally and instantly. Also, its continuous usage promotes hair growth and decreases excessive hair loss.
After your regular hair wash, take ½ cup of apple cider vinegar, pour over your hair as a hair rinse. Do not rinse it out and rather leave it there and let it dry. It will work as wonders to your hair.

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For bounce use Aloe Vera

If you are tired because of no shine and limp hair use aloe vera. The magical ingredients works on your hair as wonders, as it moisturizes and thicken your hair for that bouncy effect. 

Remember not to use Aloe Vera as gel on your hair instead go for Aloe vera spray so that it doesn’t get too sticky.
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