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Here Are Birthday Boy Ranveer Singh's 10 Best Quotes That Makes Him A Total Badass!


Ranveer Singh is celebrating his birthday today and fans are going crazy wishing him. They are sharing his photos, videos and so much more on social media. On this special day we bring to you 10 quotes of Ranveer Singh which makes him A total badass. 

1. "My Wildest Fantasy Is To Bathe In A Tub Of Nutella With My LadyLove" 

2. " I 'Ve Learnt That You Shouldn't Take People Seriously, Whether They Praise You Or Thrash You". 

3. " I've Wanted To Be An Actor Since I Was A Child I Always Knew I Was Inclined Towards Entertainment". 

4. " I Just Be The Way I Feel Like, As Judgement Is Going To Be Passed Either Way". 

5. "What You Learn During Your Days Of Struggle Becomes A Part Of Who You Are. Be Honest To Yourself, Or Else You'll Lose Your Identity."

6. "I Won't Give You Headlines About Anyone Else Other Than Me". 

7. "I Don't Expect Much Out Of A Relationship, My Needs Are Very Basic. I Just Need To Be Spoken To Sweetly And Given A Lot Of Warmth And Affection."

8. "I Am Usually A Fun Loving Person And I Say Most Of The Things In A Jest. Sometimes I Get In Trouble, But Over A Period Of Time, I Think People Now Realise That Most Of The Things I Say Are In Jest. They Are Used To It." 

9. "You Will Never Win If You Don't Deal With Your Work Ethically. All That You Need To Do Is Stick To Your Principles; Morals And Relatives."

10. " I Am Not Commitment Phobic Anymore. Now, I Feel That One Can Be Committed To One Person For His Whole Life." 

Happy Birthday Hottie! 

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