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SAVE These 10 Cute Photo Ideas For Bride And Her Bridesmaid!


Because I can’t say ‘I Do’ without you!

Enough off the pre-wedding photos and wedding photo ideas with the love of your life now is the time to get your girls in action. Because you might have found your mister, but you will still need your sister. So here are our top 10 cute photo ideas to get clicked with your sisters and friends. Show them how important they are in your wedding album.

Laugh it off: This one is our favourite get all your girls in before you get ready and share a laugh with them.

Show some love
After all it's her day, a cute getting her ready shot will always stay framed in her memory lane.

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How you met story
Another shot that is super cute is to tell the world how you met the naughty angel.
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Coordinated outfits
How about a coordinated outfit shot with brides and the bridesmaid. You will surely treasure this one picture.

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Show the excitement
Get creative,don props or jump up high and show the world how excited you are after all sister is getting married.

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A little Peek-a-boo
This one is really funny and a must have in your wedding album.
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A first look shot
She was there when you were running from one shop to another for that perfect farewell dress and showed you first when she wore it. then how about a first look shot for her wedding day dress.
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Show off your Girl squad
Be the bride with swag, show off your girl squad in this cute shot.

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The one with the couple!
You can always get creative with your shot, like this one where all friends have come together for a photo.

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The royal entry
The royal entry with your bridesmaid will be an hit among all the other pictures.

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The Mandatory Mehendi Shot 

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The bridal entry with Bridesmaid

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