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Stunning Benefits of The Queen of Herbs- Tulsi


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Tulsi leaves have a sacred place in the Hindu religion, no prayer is complete without it and due to its sacredness it is called the Holy Basil, Queen of Herbs. Tulsi or Basil is the staple herb in every house, many use it for their pujas or for flu, cold. Also due to its medicinal properties, it has been used in Ayurvedic medicines to treat skin, hair as well as health problems. The Queen of herbs is packed with antioxidants that not only protect your skin but even benefit your body from free radicals. The holy basil has purifying properties which will cleanse your blood and impart a glowing skin. From blemish, free skin to cancer treatment tulsi has a powerful impact on your overall beauty and wellness. Find out how you can use tulsi to treat various beauty and health problems. 


1. Treats dandruff:
Holy basil improves scalp blood circulation that will reduce the itchiness due to dandruff, it can even be used as a scalp cleanser that will remove the dead skin cells and flakiness. Add tulsi leaves to your hair oil and it will prevent dandruff and dry scalp. 

2. Reduces hair fall:
Hair fall is a worrisome issue, but you can bring an end to your hair fall problem by applying tulsi, amla hair mask once a week. Tulsi has nourishing properties, gives a natural shine to your hair, whereas amla controls the hair fall to a large extent. If you wish, you can add fenugreek seeds which promote hair growth.

3. Prevents grey hair:
Grey hair can be due to stress, heredity or health issues. And the best way you can say goodbye to your hair is tulsi leaves. Soak tulsi leaves and amla powder in water overnight and wash your hair with this mixture. It will make your hair smoother, darker and bouncy.


1. Even skin tone:
Who doesn't love even skin tone? Instead of investing in expensive skin tone creams, lotion, you can make a facial pack with tulsi, raw milk and repair the skin cells. Tulsi even gives a refreshing and youthful appearance. This pack helps in skin brightening, also you can add dried basil leaves to your face pack and remove patches or uneven skin tone.

2. Reduces acne:
This holy herb has antibacterial properties that fight acne, breakouts and even prevent them from reoccurring. Infuse dried basil leaves in rose water and use it as a face toner, this will kill all the bacteria, dirt, unclog your pores and keep your face acne free. 

3. Blemish free skin:
Acne scars are troublesome sight and as tulsi has healing properties, you can easily fade your marks, scars, dark spots using tulsi on your face. Make a paste of tulsi, turmeric, honey and neem, apply it on your scars, spots and rinse your face after 10 minutes. When you apply this on a daily basis, it will vanish all the marks and give you a blemish free skin.

4. Hydrating skin:
If you have dry skin, then you can use tulsi toner or make a face pack with tulsi leaves, it will remove all the dead skin cells unclog the pores and lock the moisture content in your skin. Tulsi will moisturise your skin and remove the dry and dull look of your face. 


1. Fights weight loss:
Want to lose weight, then add tulsi leaves to the hot lemon water. It improves digestion and increases the metabolism, accelerating the fat burning process. Daily morning drink a cup of tulsi tea and shed kilos of weight in weeks. Make sure you involve in a healthy diet and workout for best results.

2. Combats cold, flu:
Tulsi has antitussive, expectorant properties that suppress a cough, expels the phlegm and fights respiratory problems. It is infused with essential oils that bring a relief from respiratory illness and even the antifungal properties combat respiratory infections and allergy. Drink tulsi, ginger, honey, pepper tea and fight cold and flu. 

3. Reduces cholesterol levels:
Prevent any kind of heart disease by eating basil leaves. Basil is rich in magnesium, which is an important nutrient for your heart and prevents any blockage of cholesterol. It even stimulates proper blood flow and keeps the blood pressure in check.

4. Dissolves kidney stones:
Tulsi is an excellent detoxifier and has purifying properties which help in dissolving kidney stones. The main component of kidney stones is uric acid and the essential oils in tulsi help in breaking the uric acid formation which in turns removes the kidney stones. Tulsi tea or eating tulsi leaves will dissolve kidney stones over a period of time. 

4. Reduces sugar levels:
Tulsi keeps the blood sugar in control and facilitates the metabolism of carbohydrates that keeps the sugar level in control. Eat 4-5 basil leaves daily morning and reduce the chances of diabetes. 

5. Cancer treatment:
As mentioned holy basil is rich in antioxidants which fight free radicals, also it is anti-carcinogenic in nature that inhibits the growth of cancer cells and restricts the formation of tumors. 

6. Stress Reliever:
Tulsi is also called anti-stress herb, it reduces the high levels of cortisol that increases the stress level and keeps the anxiety, stress at bay. After a stressful day, drink tulsi tea and calm your nerves and mind. 

Have any more spectacular benefits of tulsi leaves? Then share with us in the comments below.

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