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This Is What Ex Bigg Boss Contestant Sambhavna Seth Will Wear On Her D Day!


TV actress, dancer got engaged to her long time boyfriend Avinash Dwivedi on February 13, 2016, but announced it later on social media. The couple reportedly met on the sets of a regional dance reality show, in which Sambhavna was Avinash's mentor. She got engaged without her parents approval. He parents did not give their consent to the alliance as Avinash is not financially well off. She also had been trying to convince her parents to let her marry Avinash for about five years.

She also said in an interview with Indiaforum, "Yes, I got engaged to him against my parents' will. I have been trying to convince them for a long time now. However, they haven't agreed on it. Their prime concern is that Avinash, when he started off wasn't financially settled. But, that is how the industry works. Success isn't a quick thing, one has to struggle towards it. I, myself have struggled for a long time till reaching that 'settled' status. So, I understand my parents concern that me, being the female in the union, am more financially sane than him and that becomes a problem. However, I have never been a materialistic person and such things never matter to me. Besides, Avinash is not someone who wants to sit back home and relax. He is a talented man and is working his way up slowly." 

She also added," It's not that I took this take immediately. Its been five years and my parents asked me to meet prospective grooms for marriage. Respecting them, I even met a couple of them. But, when they uploaded my profile on matrimonial sites, I realised its time to make them realise that Avinash and I cannot live without each other." But we all know that love is blind but she has not given up the hope of being able to convince her parents one day.

Now, she is doing her wedding shopping in full swing. She shared some of the pictures on her Instagram and her wedding attires look so pretty.

Check It Out:

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