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Uh Oh! Pulkit's Estranged Wife Shweta Rohira And His Girlfriend Yami Bumped Into Each Other At Dishoom Screening!


We all know that things are not well between Pulkit's wife Shweta and Yami Gautam for the obvious reason (read Pulkit Samrat). In an interview Shweta also termed Yami as a home breaker! Although, they haven't met ever since things got uglier. But recently, they happened to bump into each other at  the screening of the movie Dishoom. According to the Yami and Shweta both were invited for the movie and when they saw each other there, they were  shocked. While Shweta was seated with Daisy Shah, Yami was seated in the next row, right adjacent to Shweta. At the interval, Shweta moved around and started meeting people and friends, on the other hand Yami chose to stay on her seat until the movie ends. 

According to an insider,"No, it was a full house. They had no choice but to stay put. Thank God, Pulkit was not around.” We wonder, if Pulkit was also present there how he will be reacted?

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