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10 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Crow’s Feet Around Your Eyes


No girl would want her skin to show signs of aging especially her eyes. Eyes are the most beautiful part of your face, also the most delicate part of your face, which is why you need to always pamper it with dollops of cream, homemade recipes, and massages. Crow’s feet can creep around your eyes, anytime especially if you are hitting 30s and this happens when your skin cell metabolism slows down and doesn't produce enough collagen, elastin which makes your skin tight and firm. We have got top ways and DIYs which can protect your delicate eye area from crow’s feet, fine lines. 

1. Stay hydrated:
We can't tell you how important water is for your skin. It hydrates your skin, retains the moisture in your skin and reduces the chances of premature aging. Make sure you drink a good amount of water as well as use eye creams that are rich in hyaluronic acid which will keep your eye region supple. Tip: you can even moisturize your eyes with coconut oil.

2. Wear sunscreen:
We know you are super lazy to slather some sunscreen but think about those selfies which would look unpleasing if your eyes show age. Rub SPF 30 sunscreen around your eyes and massage it well so that the harsh rays wouldn't damage the collagen production around your delicate eye region. 

3. Cut sugar:
Yes, sugar can destroy the collagen production in your skin and bring signs of aging sooner. If you want to protect your eyes from crow’s feet reduce refined sugar instead opt for honey, brown sugar, fruits that can be the perfect substitute for sugar. 

4. Massage your eyes:
Before hitting the bed apply your favorite eye cream or almond oil under your eye and massage your eyes with your fingers for a few minutes. This will stimulate the blood circulation and reduce the chances of aging. Make sure you do this every day for best results. 

7. Beat an egg:
Try this homemade recipe that will do wonders to your eye region. Beat an egg and dab a cotton ball into the fluffy egg mix and apply it under your eyes. Leave it for 15 minutes and wash with cool water. Apply this weekly twice. 

8. Sleep on your back:
When you sleep on your back you give less pressure to your skin, which prevents it from fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet. 

9. Eat, smear Vitamin C:
Vitamin C rich foods will boost the collagen production and enhance your complexion and protect from aging. Whereas when you apply vitamin C fruits, creams topically it will revive your eyes and prevent creepy crow’s feet. 

10. Go for face lifting facials:
Involve in regular facials which will prevent your skin from sagging and prevent crow’s feet. You can even opt for clay masks which will tighten your skin and reduce any signs of aging. For a natural treatment, we recommend cucumber, honey, yogurt mix face mask that will revive your skin and fade crow’s feet.

Start incorporating the mentioned pointers and look young and beautiful. Make sure you take regular breaks from the computer, avoid smoking and eat healthy which will keep your eyes beautiful sans crow’s feet. 

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